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Santa Ana Soaps: Ginger and Orange Bar Soap


Bar soap with shea butter

Contains Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter and Orange and Ginger Essential Oils.



Product Description

Santa Ana Soaps makes soaps in Santa Ana, Ca. We continually strive to ensure our ingredients are sourced sustainably, ethically, locally and organic whenever possible. Our soaps utilize, naturally occurring ingredients and essential oils that clean well while being gentle on skin, clothes and the environment. Our packaging utilize’s recycled and reused materials whenever possible. All soaps are ammonia-, chlorine bleach-, paraben- and phosphate-free.

Due to our unique formulation no dryer sheets or fabric softeners are needed when using our laundry detergent. This means that your per load cost than many other laundry systems using natural and organic ingredients.

For the last several years a group of us have been working in Santa Ana, Ca to build community, creativity and opportunity. Through service, urban arts and several events we engage the community and try to find new and fun ways to empower others. One project, Laundry Love Santa Ana puts us in constant contact with soap and it dawned on us: why not make the stuff. It quickly became the social enterprise concept you see before you.

These soaps have been handmade by our volunteers and all proceeds go to our non profit initiatives in Santa Ana, Ca. The hope is that this soap making initiative will expand to the point where we can hire Santa Ana locals at living wages and train them in all aspects of the business. A full end to end work force development program supported by a social enterprise, all right here in Santa Ana.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs


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